Delivery Terms

Dear clients, 

Please be aware of the following Shopping Terms & Conditions of our e-commerce company:

I. Courier Partners:
1. For all deliveries on the territory of Bulgaria, NASLEDSTVOTO.BG EOOD partners with Econt Express OOD courier,  considering their working hours, working practices, delivery terms and tariffs for the courier services offered to the address and office.

2. For all the deliveries on the territorry of European Union (EC),  NASLEDSTVOTO.BG EOOD partners with Speedy AD courier, considering their working hours, working practices, delivery terms and tariffs for the courier services offered to the address. Speedy AD is entitled to use the services of the subcontractor DPD Group.

II. Delivery Time:

1. On the territory of Bulgaria: 1 working day, except when it is not mentioned otherwise:
A/ All orders received by 17:00 o'clock between Monday to Thursday will be delivered on the next working day. Orders received on Friday will be delivered on Saturdey, when delivery address is Econt Express office (all Econt Express offices work until 13:00 on Saturdays). This does not apply for orders with clients' delivery address. In that case the receiving day will be Monday. 

B/ All orders received on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on Monday and received on Tuesday.

2. On the territory of European Union (EC): 2-6 working days.

III. Packaging:

White envelope with deposited air bubble bag inside, specially designed to protect the integrity of the product. Eco friendly. Depends on order quantity, size and weight other packages are available to meet the product integrity protection policy.

IV. Delivery:

Each delivery is accompanied by the "pay-per-view"option. When accepting the goods, the customer signs the accompanying documents. Acceptance of the goods and signing of the documents may also be done by a third party. Anyone other than the customer who is at the specified address and accepts the delivery shall be deemed to be such. 

*In the case where the customer is prevented from receiving the order to its address or Econt Express office, he has the opportunity to do so within 7 calendar days. If the client has good reasons to extend this deadline, he must immediately contact representative of NASLEDSTVOTO.BG OOD and inform about the situation. Otherwise, the product will be rolled back and the customer profile will be removed to prevent subsequent false queries. Providing false data details will have the same negative consequences.

V. Return Policy:

The customer has the right to refuse to receive its order in the following cases:

> Delivered items does not correspond to the ordered ones;
> The amount which customer has to pay differ from the amount stated on ;
> The customer is willing to replace the item with another one from ;
> The customer wants to return the item (no reason or explanation for that act is required).

Replacement of ordered items is executed after a written email request for replacement is submitted, no later than 3 working days from the date of receipt of the items.

Return of delivered items without any indemnity or penalty shall be granted on a written request for return, no later than 3 working days after receipt of the items.

In case of replacement or return of delivered items, the items shall be returned in good commercial form, with undamaged original packaging and accompanied by the original documents - invoice or commodity receipt, cash receipt. In all cases the courier fees are customer responsibility except when there is a mistake made buy seller. 

The goods which are intended for replacement or return shall be sent by customer to the seller - NASLEDSTVOTO.BG EOOD, using the sender's address shown in the bill of ladding on receipt of the goods. In the case when the receipt is missing, the items shall be returned to the following address: 10 "Stefan Verkovich" Str., fl. 1, office 1, Plovdiv (4000), BULGARIA - tel. +359 877 155 145.

Money refund is made to the account that customer has used to paid for the order.

NASLEDSTVOTO.BG EOOD has the full right to decline money refund, to the customer, if any of the above stated reasons for return are violated. 

VI. Price of Courier Services:

Delivery time - working days Delivery time - working days Delivery time - working days
DE 3-4 AU 3-4 HU 2-3 UK 5-6 ITA 4-5 FR 4-5 RO 3-4 GRE 3-4    
Promo Zone 2 - DE/AU/HU Promo Zone 3 - UK/ITA/FR EXPRESS BALKANS
Country Destination EUR Country Destination EUR Country Destination EUR
1 up to 1 kg. 10.50 1 up to 1 kg. 12.50 1 up to 1 kg. 4.00
2 up to 2 kg. 12.50 2 up to 2 kg. 14.50 2 up to 3 kg. 5.00
3 up to 3 kg. 14.00 3 up to 3 kg. 16.00 3 up to 5 kg. 7.00
4     4     4 up to 7 kg. 9.00


For all the other countries that are not covered in the above table, individual offers will be provided. 

FREE courier service is granted to customers which order value is equal or bigger than 100 EUR.

VII. Others: 

NASLEDSTVOTO.BG EOOD reserves the right to change the current Delivery Terms and Conditions in case of serious changes in the business environment or refuse items delivery to a customer in the presence of anappropriate behaviour. 

Thank you for the given trust. 

Team Nasledstvoto.BG