About us
About us

The project has started in 01.09.2015... 

... when our mission was born:

To save, preserve (concervate) and popularize Bulgarian cultural heritage. We are one of the leading publishers of luxury albums, books and magazines of high cultural value for the Bulgarian people and nation. We provide high quality services and products at afordable prices. As a result of that we have the chance to make this highly specialized and ancient knowledge accessible to the general public. This is our approach to unite all Bulgarians who have heart, soul and eyes for the national cultural treasures. We have realized that the only way to achieve and succeed in this challenging quest is by acting all together. In addition to reinforce our efforts we have created the largest group dedicated to the Bulgarian Embroidery and also the largest thematical page on facebook NASLEDSTVOTO.BG 

We strive to 

Recover the lost cultural treasures of Bulgaria and remove the dust from our national self-confidence because one nation is as great as its cultural achievements are and the only way to succed is to do it together.

Our achievements so far are:

1. Republishing the album: "Bulgarian National Embroidery" - Elena Todorova (1st edit.) - 228 rescued motifs of embroidery;

2. First release of the album: "Bulgarian National Embroidery" - Elena Todorova (2nd edit.) - 172 rescued motifs of embroidery;

3. Acquisition of the book: "The Palette of the Gods ..." - Maria Veleva, Ilya Karadimov (2008) - preservation and revealing the secrets of the carpet;

4. Issuing the photo album: "Bulgarian National Embroidery" - Rositsa Chukanova (1957) - 135 rescued motifs of embroidery; 

5. Issuing the photo album: "Bulgarian Embroidery" - DMC Library (1975) - 88 rescued motifs of embroidery;

6. Creation of the largest group for Bulgarian Embroidery: (30000+ members) - 15000 + collections and articles with embroidery;

7. Re-publishing of the book: "The Bulgarian Embroidery Ornamentation" - Ivan Koev (1951) - contains 264 ornaments in 58 tables (2017);

8. Re-publishing of the book: "Embroidery Textbook" - R. Rumenova and Ev. Raikova (1952) - "Sokai Stitch" rescued from the oblivion of time (2018);

9. Publishing the album: "Embroidery in Fairy Tales" - Elisaveta Yordanova (1st edit.) - representing 70 author patern motifs (2018);

10. Publishing of the album: "Embroidery in Fairy Tales" - Elisaveta Yordanova (2nd edit.) - representing 70 author patern motifs (2018);

Expect more to come very soon... 

---NASLEDSTVOTO.BG - The cultural treasure house of Bulgaria! ---